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Character interviews this weekend, anyone?

My Cast of CharactersCollapse )

Ask them any questions you want, and my characters will answer. Thanks for this help!
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Is everyone else's flist malfunctioning as well? Mine won't load; it hates me. I'll be lucky if this even posts.

So, frostbite_write. We still open for character interviews. I'm not sure when I'll be available in the coming weekend, but we can figure that out later. I'm needing some help getting started, and this could be good for me.
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So, issues.

I have this problem where I feel the point of view in my stories tends to drift, like the reader's only seeing half the picture. I either temporarily lose the protagonist, or I lose the setting or something. I suppose this could be remedied by just paying closer attention to the narrative, but does anyone else have this problem?

And I have trouble writing setting to begin with - scenery, weather, outdoor description - I feel like it all gets lost tonally, and I have trouble deciding where it fits and where it doesn't. It's tough for me to write to begin with, I'm not sure why, but the inspiration either doesn't come or the description feels awkward. Any tips?

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Chronicles of Magic: Daughter of the Mystics:


I come with EXCITING news for my word count total so far.

Zokutou word meter
40,440 / 40,000

I beat the goal I wanted for the FINISHED story!


This is what I had for the entire month, with chapters six and seven.

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
7,345 / 10,672


So, I have a question that I know I've asked before, but I don't remember what the answer was.

Generally, what is the standard amount of words for a fantasy novel? Because...obviously, I need a new goal!
Author note: Since I do not post the novel in any communities, you can go to mysticmoonblade and friend it.
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So, a summary of the first book in my trilogy.

One of my characters, Ila, is a young woman in her late teens raised in the palace "academy" in the capital city of a small but industrially powerful country with other teenagers and children around her age, all orphans (or so they're told). She's pretty complacent about it and has never known another life or anyone outside; her life is education, paperwork and processing for the kingdom, and eventually an arraged marraige into a good family (like all other young people being raised in the academy). It's rather peaceful; she's led to believe this is how all orphans are raised. She's incredibly naive and clueless about life "outside".

But the whole first book jumps back and forth between her and five other characters who are focused on her for one reason or another...

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Name: kate

Age: 26

Location: Springfield, Virginia (AKA entirely too close to Washington, DC)

Writing and Publishing Experience: I still have the first "book" I wrote at age 7 (I drew illustrations and made a cover out of green construction paper and everything). In grade school some friends and I put out a little literary magazine, then in college a couple of my stories were published in somebody else's literary magazine (Country Feedback in Muncie, Indiana). I've got a couple other things floating around, waiting to be rejected, but mostly I've been writing for my own enjoyment (writing challenge groups, NaNoWriMo, etc.). For the curious, I post the occasional short story or poem over at melydia (it's locked, so comment if you want to be added).

The Winter Project: My loving parents gave me a copy of Writing the Breakout Novel by Donald Maass (book and workbook) for Christmas, so I'm going to use it to finally write the epic fantasy that's been thumping around in my noggin for the last decade or so. It's about about a woman who is exiled from her adopted village becuse the lord of the land orders death to all people of her race and anyone who harbors them. She doesn't know why, and much of the story revolves around her journey to find her people and learn why they are hunted. I'm really looking forward to it, though I'm treating it kind of an experiment. I plan to start writing around mid-January (my life has been insane over the last month and I want to actually read the book before I begin), but I am working on world building right now. There are a lot of characters and kingdoms and races and I'm trying to keep it from becoming a total mishmash.
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So, after much deliberationg over the past months, I've decided to set the story in the midwest, shuttling between Minneapolis and Duluth, Minnesota. I know them well enough, I think, and I think the emotional conflict I have with this region may actually help the story along - as much as I'd like to write about L.A. and palm trees and the coast, this project isn't the place for it.

Here's the thing: I can't think of where to begin. I know how the basic relationships in the story develop, although I'm still clueless as to the main plot. When I wrote a very preliminary first draft of this back in April, I started in the "middle of the action." I've since decided that's not what I want to do; it's going to be a much longer piece and I feel like there's somewhere else I've got to begin. I just don't know where to start.

Also, I'm an awful liar. There's a lot of dishonesty between characters in this story, but I'm horrible at thinking of convincing lies or excuses for anything. Suggestions?
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In stories that focus primarily on relationships that are not meant to simply be romances, I think it is necessary to have a "main" plotline in addition to multiple plot strands.

For example, Their Eyes Were Watching God cycles through a number of relationships. However, the plot is the journey of one woman from adolescence to widowhood. Her relationship with Tea Cake is not the story but it is a significant part of it.

My story does center on a particular relationship but I believe it requires movement. Relationships develop differently than plots. There need to be railroad tracks for the train to run on, so to speak.

The story takes place in a college town in upstate New York. The elder brother works for a coffee shop, the younger for a used music store. Their mother is an alcoholic; their father keeps contact with them via letters. Town-gown relations are not good and a lot of tension exists between the students and the natives. There is an abandoned TB sanatorium nearby where people go to explore, get drunk, etc.

Any suggestions about a basic plotline which might stimulate continual movement in the story?
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Okay, if you think you can benefit from the character Q&A exercise, post with a brief description of the character (name, age, gender, etc), a quick summary of their part in the story, and the "setting" of the interview. For example:

Harry Potter, age 16, male, wizard-in-training at Hogwarts school of magic.
Main character, orphan, destined to save the wizarding world from his archnemesis Lord Voldemort.
Being questioned by his possible future employer, the Minister of Magic.

Then the comm members (and everyone is encouraged to take part, whether their characters are being questioend or not) would post questions for the author to answer as their character.


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Name: Danielle. But you can call me Danny, or even jediknightmuse.
Age: 19. I'll be 20 in February.
Location: A galaxy far, far away. I mean...Connecticut. XD
Writing and Publishing Experience: No publishing experience, other than posting on the web, which is apparently counted as publishing. As for writing, I've been doing it for as long as I can remember, really. I started out writing Star Wars scripts and stories and added some fantasy to them. My sophomore year of high school was when I started writing "real" fantasy and have been doing so ever since, writing that and Star Wars fan fiction. I've basically stopped writing the fan fiction, though, and have been sticking to a story that I've been working on since around April or May, which is a fantasy novel.
The Winter Project: It's a fantasy novel (the one I mentioned above) called Chronicles of Magic: Daughter of the Mystics. My guess/hope/prayer is that it'll become a trilogy; if I'm lucky, a series. I'm on the first draft, and have decided that I will wait to edit it until I'm done. My aim is eleven chapters and I'm working on the seventh, with 121 pages at the moment. I handwrite it first before I type it up. If you want to read it, you can go to mysticmoonblade (the LJ I use for it) and add it since it's friend sonly. All I ask is that you go to the post with 'questions for potential friends' and answer the questions in a comment.

So'm...yeah. Hi!
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